What a buyer can expect at a Sisters Antiques estate sale

Wondering what goes on at a Sisters Antiques sale? Read on for more information on what to expect, where to go, and what to do…


We almost always open the garage an hour before the house and we always use a number system, giving them out when the garage is opened. The number of people let in depends on the room available in the house. We don’t want people bumping into others or the merchandise.

We tell people about and mark known hazards, steps, low ceilings, etc. Please be considerate of others on the premises.


We lay out all merchandise and have each item marked individually (or in some cases there will a generic price posted, such as “all blouses $2”).

We use the index card system for furniture and large items. Take the index card from the item and proceed to the cashier. We expect people to pay for an item shortly after taking the card, or to return the card to the item if you change your mind before payment. Please don’t keep or dispose of the card if you don’t purchase the item!

You can expect items (dishes, furniture, tools) of various ages, but still useful. Known defects are identified, but the buyer must take responsibility for inspection. If it is an electrical appliance, plug it in and try it out. Once you pay for an item, it is yours!

We hope to sell out everything in the house, at a reasonable price for the benefit of our client and you, our customer. No one loses when you buy at the marked prices!


We take cash and local checks (with ID). Have it ready when you check out.

Immediate payment is required; furniture must be picked up using your own labor. Bring your muscle men with you; we are old and decrepit and cannot move furniture—sorry!

We provide bags, newspaper, and some boxes to take items home with.

Check out in the garage is with a cash box with written receipts. The receipts help us account for the sales for our client and account for sales tax receipts (which we must collect as a business). Receipts are not itemized and are prepared for our purposes—if you want an itemized receipt you must ask before we start preparing one.

Check out in the house is by a cash register. Each item is rung up, so at the beginning of a sale there is a line. Again this is for our cash accountability and record keeping purposes.

Before we begin ringing you out or writing a receipt, let us know if you are a dealer. You will be asked to fill out a New York State Resale Certificate; this certificate will be good for two years. We keep a list of dealers’ tax numbers who purchased from us before, so for your first experience with us please be prepared to show us your certificate so we can put you on the list, preferably when you enter the sale.

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